The complete game.


DELFINGEN Cards is a cards game where you have to attack your opponents and protect yourself with DELFINGEN protections.

The game contains 52 cards (24 attacks & 28 protections). You can play with 3 or 4 players but you can also take a second game for more players.




7 cards are dealt to each player at the begin of the game. The remainder becomes a draw pile and a discard pile forms next to it.

The aim of the game is to cover all attacks you received and have no more card in hand.




All Attacks.

You can place attacks in front of your opponents by using red or orange cards. There are several types of red attacks with 3 levels : Abrasion, Noise, Electrical, Thermal or Radiant Heat Attacks. You can also attack your opponent with an orange card (Electromagnetic Interferences, Car Repair, Rodent Attack or Entangled Wires) which have only one level.



All Defenses.

When you receive an attack, you can protect yourself by using a DELFINGEN protection. Green cards, Multi-Defense or Jokers will help you depending on the current need. Green cards (and also Jokers) will protect you against red attacks but you have to use the correct defense corresponding to the received attack (same pictogram). An attack is fully covered when the protection level is superior or equal to the attack level. To cover an orange attack, you have to use a Multi-Defense card.


Possible combinations.


1- Basic Protection

2- Higher Protection (over quality)

3- Joker (red attacks only)

4- 1 defense can cover 2 attacks

5- 2 defenses (drop 1 by 1)

6- Any other combination



Another specificity of this game is the switch. If one other player has overprotected an attack, at your turn, you can switch the overprotection with a card that just covers the attack on the other player. You should put this overprotection on an attack you received.

How to make a switch.


Find below the rules of our cards game:


Retrouvez ci-dessous les règles du jeu de cartes :


Find below the rules of our cards game: