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DELFINGEN Race is a game where you have to drive your car as far as you can by avoiding the obstacles on your way.

Three laps are necessary to unlock the next level but you can also restart each race as much as you want to obtain the best score ever! There are ten levels to play and the two first races are unlocked by default.


No worries, Langoflex PA won’t let you loose!

In the story, you guide the driver of this car through all races proposed. You have to defy the different attacks but with the help of the DELFINGEN protections. Each attack and each defense is a character who will attack or help you.

You can also count on the Multi-defense character who will always find the appropriate protections for your car!


This power-up is easy to take…

Buildings will destroy your car and end the game. You have also to avoid the attack zones because they will decrease the level of your protection gauges (when their level reach down to zero, your car will blow up).
To ensure the protection of your vehicle, don’t forget to control the gauges level and fill them by taking the power-ups on your way.


Game settings

Before the beginning of the game, don’t forget to check the settings to adapt the game to your preferences.

The more you’ll increase the sensitivity, the more your car will turn easily, so choose what fits your way of driving.

You can also add a mini-map on your screen during the game. It will help you to find your way, avoid obstacles and find easier the power-ups you will need.


You can also choose between two game modes:

Gyroscope Mode: the car will turn by tilting your mobile.
Touch Mode: the car will turn by touching your screen.

Game modes available.



DELFINGEN Race is available on Google Play and on Apple Store,
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